Marvel Women Kicking Ass

Marvel Women Kicking Ass

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Marvel Announces an All-Lady Team Book!

Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney will be teaming-up onThe Fearless Defenders,Marvel Now’s all-female team series! There were rumors several months ago with the end of Bunn’sminiseriesThe Fearless, but now it’s official!

The series revolves Valkyrie’s quest to choose a new team of Valkyrior and she’s been asked to choose heroines from Midgard. The first issue will star Valkyrie and Misty Knight, but Bunn intends to slowly build the team over time.

About his motivations for writing the book, Bunn had this to say:

I think there are a lot of great female characters in the Marvel Universe who have not been given the chance they need, because maybe they can’t support a book all on their own, or maybe they’ve been on a team and they’ve been kind of lost in the shuffle for, in some cases, many, many, many years. This is my opportunity to put them all together, and to give them the spotlight.

I can’t be more excited about this.

H/T to vejigante and therealsongbirddiamondback!

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    Already The Defenders has been one of my favorite team titles, and now it’s going to be 100x better with some of my...
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    I am excited to see where this goes!